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The intensive sunshine of the valleys in the northern part of Peru breeds one of the top quality varieties of cotton in the world.

The silkyness, luster and hand of this extra long staple cotton fiber produces exceptional quality garments < as this Pima Cotton

Cottoniere is dedicated to bringing you the most stylish, exquisite and comfortable clothing you will ever wear. Cottoniere inspiration comes from the combination of the latest fashion designs, selection of only Peruvian Pima Cotton


The gold of the Andes
Thousands of uear ago camelids roamed the wild mountain landscape in the dry cold of the Andean highlands. The Andean inhabitants knew just by looking at these special cratures< that they would be key to their existence and development

The South America camelids were an extraordinary gift from nature for these people as they represented a vital source of food and clothing without them man's survival in these inhospitable, harsh enviroments would not been posible.

Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos and vicunas are the Gold of the Andes. The first three provided fiber for clothing< meat for food and means of transport. The vicuna on the other hand, was such a delicate and beautiful creature that it's fiber was used exclusively to make clothes for the Inca and noble families, as its extraordinary soft fiber produced garments as soft and warm as the sun's rays themselves.

Camelids are creatures that have formed a fundamental part of Peruvian art and culture since the beginning of its history.